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Blog sobre sabedoria mística religiosa de várias origens e experiências pessoais.
Blog about mystical religious wisdom from various backgrounds and personal experiences.

Bem-vindo ao blog DaniyelDanielDaniyal, um blog sobre reflexão filosófica, experiências místicas religiosas e outras experiências pessoais e frases de sabedoria atemporal de várias origens. Temas e assuntos muito profundos raramente encontrados na web.

Welcome to the blog DaniyelDanielDaniyal, a blog about philosophical reflection, mystical religious and other personal experiences, and citations of timeless wisdom from various origins. Very deep themes and subjects rarely found on the web.

Meu nome em Hebraico (topo), Latinizado (centro) e Árabe (abaixo). Judaismo; Cristianismo; Islamismo
Odysseus Astrology Symbol
Oracao de São Miguel Arcanjo
St. Michael Archangel Prayer
Bandeira do Império do Brasil com nó em heráldica correta (25/08/2021)
Todas as religioes Abraamicas Unidas contra a violência religiosa
All Abrahamic religions together against religious violence
Solomon and the plan for the First Temple. Illustration from a Bible card published by the Providence Lithograph Co.
Luca Giordano: Dream of Solomon: God promises Solomon wisdom
Odysseus (Ulysses) vector image
Odysseus and the Sirens - Ancient Art Reconstruction

Os princípios fundamentais da fé islâmica são em número de três:


1- Crença na Unicidade de Deus;

2- Crença na profecia de Muhammad ﷺ (que a Paz e a Bênção de Deus estejam sobre ele) e nos ensinamentos que ele transmitiu;

3- Crença no Dia do Juízo Final e na responsabilidade do ser humano por tudo que fizer nesta vida, devendo prestar contas a Deus naquele Dia.

Qualquer um que, professa e age de acordo com essas crenças é muçulmano, todas essas concepções são englobadas sucintamente na sentença:

“Não há outra divindade além de Deus e Muhammad é o Mensageiro de Deus.”

Principais Caracteírsticas do Islam:

1º- Simplicidade, Racionalismo e Praticabilidade

2º- Unidade do Espírito e da Matéria

3º- Um Modo de Vida Completo

4º- Equilíbrio Entre o Individualismo e o Coletivismo

5º- Universalismo e Humanismo

6º- O Permanente e o Imutável

7º- Os Arquivos Completos dos Ensinamentos são Preservados

Portal IslamBR

Jihad é contra o inimigo interno. Quem alcança a misericórdia entende o coração do Islã, rejeitado pelos extremistas.
Entende que nenhum homem é seu inimigo e combate o mal no mundo do mesmo modo que o combate em si mesmo.

Muhammad (Prophet) - Islamic Calligraphy
Allah (God) - Islamic Calligraphy
"Os hipócritas e as hipócritas procedem uns dos outros. Ordenam o reprovável e coíbem o conveniente. E fecham as próprias mãos. Esqueceram-se de Alá (Deus), então Alá se esqueceu deles. Por certo os hipócritas são perversos."
Melchizedek's Ideal Portrait
Consciência do verdadeiro perdão
Verdade em si; Verdade no mundo
'Qualquer tolo pode saber, a questão é entender' - Einstein
Sun Tzu - General and Master Strategist of Ancient China
Consciousness of true forgiveness
Truth Within; Truth in the World
'Any fool can know; the point is to understand.' - Albert Einstein
Daniel Answer To The King In The Lion's Den By Briton Rivière
'Daniel in the Lion's Den' by Briton Riviere, 1872.jpg
Climate study - New York City at risk of flooding every two decades
Odysseus and Scylla by PinkParasol on DeviantArt
Prophet Daniel's Statue at Congonhas Sanctuary of Bom Jesus, Minas Gerais, Brazil
'Israel en Egipto' (Edward Poynter)
'Ulysses and the Sirens' by Herbert James Draper (1863-1920)
'Agis III - Rey de Esparta' 338 - 331 a.C. (J. Francesc Oliveras)
David and Goliath by blackzig on DeviantArt
King Nebuchadnezzar's Statue - Daniel's (Author) Free Interpretation [Anno Domini New Cicle - Emperor Constantine's Statue]
Alexander Mosaic Remastered [Alexander battling Darius at the Battle of Issus]
First Clash – Battle at the Granicus, 334 BC
Cyrus, distinguished here with a purple cloak, attacks two Medean cavalrymen in the battle of Hyrba
Dhul-Qarnayn_ An Ideal Muslim Leaders
Silver coin from Thrace with the head of Alexander, portrayed wearing the horns of Zeus Amon, a god with both Eastern and Western ties.
Alexander by Venlian on DevianArt

The Sublime Quran

Chapter 18 - The Cave

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate

(...)And they will ask thee about Dhu-l Qarnayn.

Say: I will recount to you a remembrance of him. 18:83

Truly, We established him firmly on the earth and gave him a route to everything. 18:84

So he pursued a route 18:85 until when he reached the setting of the sun. He found it beginning to set in a spring of muddy water. And he found near it a folk.

We said: O Dhu-l Qarnayn! Either thou wilt punish them or thou wilt take them to thyself with goodness. 18:86

He said: As for him who did wrong, we will punish him. Again, he will be returned to his Lord Who will punish him with a horrible punishment. 18:87

But as for him who believed and did as one in accord with morality, he will have the fairer recompense. And we willsay to him of our command with ease. 18:88

Again, he pursued a route 18:89 until when he reached the rising place of the sun. He found it coming up on a folk for whom We make not any obstruction against it. 18:90 Thus, We, surely, enclosed whatever was near him through awareness. 18:91

Again, he pursued a route 18:92 until when he reached between two embankments. He found behind them a folk who would almost not understand any saying. 18:93

They said: O Dhu-l Qarnayn! Truly, Gog and Magog are ones who make corruption in and on the earth. Will we assign to thee payment if thou hast made an embankment between us and between them? 18:94

He said: What my Lord established firmly for me is better, so assist me with strength. I will make a fortification between you and between them. 18:95 Give me ingots of iron, until when he made level between the two cliffs.

He said: Blow, until when he made it a fire.

He said: Give me molten brass to pour out over it. 18:96

So they were not able to scale it nor were they able to dig through it. 18:97

He said: This is a mercy from my Lord. So when the promise of my Lord drew near, He made it powder. And the promise of my Lord had been true. 18:98

And that Day We will leave some of them to surge like waves on some others. And the trumpet will be blown, then, We will gather them altogether. 18:99

We will present the depths of hell on that Day in plain view to ones who are ungrateful, 18:100 to those whose eyes had been screened from My Remembrance and who had not been able to hear. 18:101

Assumed ones who were ungrateful that they take My servants to themselves as protectors instead of Me? Truly, We made hell ready with hospitality for ones who are ungrateful. 18:102

Say: Shall We tell you who will be ones who are losers by their actions? 18:103

It is those whose endeavoring went astray in this present life while they assume that they are doing good by their handiwork. 18:104

Those were those who were ungrateful for the signs of their Lord and the meeting with Him so their actions were fruitless. And so We will not perform for them on the Day of Resurrection, any weighing. 18:105

That will be their recompense—hell—because they were ungrateful and took to themselves My signs and My Messengers in mockery. 18:106

Truly, those who believed and did as ones in accord with morality, their hospitality had been in the Gardens of Paradise, 18:107 ones who will dwell in them forever. They will have no desire for relocation from there. 18:108

Say: If the sea had been ink for the Words of my Lord, the sea would come to an end before the Words of my Lord came to 

an end even if We brought about replenishment the like of it. 18:109

Say: I am only a mortal like you. It is revealed to me that your God is One, so whoever had been hoping for the meeting with his Lord, let him do with his actions as one in accord with morality and ascribe no partners—in the worship of his Lord, ever. 18:110

Dhu-l Qarnayn in Islamic Calligraphy
Cyrus King of Persia c600 - 530BC

Profetas no Alcorão

Os seguintes vinte e cinco homens são apresentados como profetas no Alcorão; os seus nomes bíblicos em língua portuguesa encontram-se entre parênteses.

"(...)The crescent moon will grow dim and its followers will descent into beggary and continuous war. Its conquerors will be wounded by the sun, but will not rise twice; the greatest misfortune will fall upon them and they will be insulted by the other peoples(...)"

Prophecy of Melchizedek left by Him in the Narabanchi monastery, Mongolia, in 1890.



Foi o modo que Deus usou

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