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Consciousness of true forgiveness; All Abrahamic religions together against religious violence

Atualizado: 26 de nov. de 2021

Consciousness of true forgiveness

All Abrahamic religions together against true evil:

Religious violence

Despite the wicked and all the wickedness in the world,

We must strive to reach the consciousness

that the real enemy is within us

and that the real fight is against ourselves

May this be the mantra of the oppressed

At this moment of the world

Of violence and extremism

And false religiosity

I leave to the world

these words of wisdom

From a blind man by pride

And from a sage by divination

There can be no true forgiveness

without this consciousness

God is my Judge.

Religion is not limited to a Name or a Tradition. It's an Ideology above all else.

Consciousness of true forgiveness; All Abrahamic religions together against religious intolerance
Consciousness of true forgiveness; All Abrahamic religions together against true evil: religious violence

The Theosophical Society

The Theosophical Society (TS) was founded in New York, U.S.A., on November 17, 1875, by a small group of people, including a Russian and an American: Mrs. Helena Petrovna Blavatsky and Cel. Henry Steel Olcott, its first president.

The Aryan race and the Nazi distortion

Unfortunately Theosophy was terribly corrupted by the Nazis in Germany as a way to justify their ideological power, as Theosophy and the occult were very popular among the German people at the time. They spread the great falsehood that the Aryan race is reduced only to Germanic descendants, with a completely distorted ideology regarding “superiority”. The Aryan race is also formed by the Semitic people.

The Nazi Distortion of Nietzsche's Philosophy

While Nietzsche attacked the principles of Judaism, he was not antisemitic: in his work On the Genealogy of Morality, he explicitly condemned antisemitism and pointed out that his attack on Judaism was not an attack on contemporary Jewish people but specifically an attack upon the ancient Jewish priesthood who he claimed antisemitic Christians paradoxically based their views upon. An Israeli historian who performed a statistical analysis of everything Nietzsche wrote about Jews claims that cross-references and context make clear that 85% of the negative comments are attacks on Christian doctrine or, sarcastically, on Richard Wagner.

Nietzsche felt that modern antisemitism was "despicable" and contrary to European ideals. Its cause, in his opinion, was the growth in European nationalism and the endemic "jealousy and hatred" of Jewish success. He wrote that Jews should be thanked for helping uphold a respect for the philosophies of ancient Greece, and for giving rise to "the noblest human being (Christ), the purest philosopher (Baruch Spinoza), the mightiest book, and the most effective moral code in the world".

The desolation of the city that bears the Name of God dates back to the Nazi aggression against the European Israeli people

That's the desolation of the city that bears the Name of God. The same city is whitin everyone of us. The enemy of the unity and the will of God is also inside every unredeemed soul. The Israeli people is trying to make justice by force in the Holy Land.

The enemies are basically saying they do not want the will of God to be expressed in the material world; they do not want the unity of the races, or the harmony of religions, the equality of men and women, or the unification of the nations into a single Body politic, guided by Justice, centered in the Holy Land, which has been long prepared for this Day of God.

Hitler is alive. And in Brazil

Last Tuesday a recipe for Brazil to face the economic crisis was presented on a radio by a supposed journalist: "It's just a matter of assaulting all the Jews and we can get there. If we kill a lot of Jews and appropriate from the economic power of the Jews, Brazil gets richer. That's what happened to Germany after the war"....

It is, without putting it aside, pure Nazism. It is as if we are watching a member of the Nazi Party lecture on the need for "ethnic cleansing." The first part of the argument is inspired by "Mein Kampf" with dyes from "The International Jew", by Henry Ford, without forgetting "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion". They constructed the fallacy that Germany's economic problems, especially after World War I, were the responsibility of the Jews.

In Brazil in the third decade of the 21st century, under the aegis of the most democratic Constitution in our history, the extermination of Brazilians of Jewish origin is proposed. Simple as that, an extremist pocketnarist might say. Not satisfied, the alleged journalist states, without blushing, that the reconstruction of Germany took place with the expropriation of Jewish assets, which is Pantagruelic ignorance. West Germany —the Federal Republic of Germany— owes its reconstruction, among other factors, to the Marshall Plan. There is nothing to do with the Holocaust.

It is still time to express our repudiation of Holocaust advocates. Today they want to exterminate Brazilians of Jewish origin. And tomorrow, who will they murder?... - See more in

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So beautiful words. True words, beauty and virtue can only come from God (Allah)

Tear, O Lord, the veils that hide your face from us. Let us see you as a very bright light as endless suns on the horizon of our lives.. and let us feel you as an ever-renewing force that inspires our thoughts, nourishes our souls, supports our bodies, and fulfills our dreams.

Let us realize, O Lord, that you are the source of health, the ocean of life, and the source of all understanding and knowledge. Free us from ignorance and its effects, from fears and worries, and may the flood of your wisdom sweep away all the wreckage and rubble of our lives.

When the happiness of the soul hidden in the depths of the self is overshadowed by a dense layer of ephemeral sensory pleasures, the golden glow of the soul fades, and the transparent abilities of the soul are hidden behind the density of matter. When a person's mind is drawn to jealousy and envy and is enveloped in the clouds of fears and worries, he becomes miserable, miserable, and helpless.

The soul feels happy when it transforms from bodily lusts mixed with suffering and misery to the virtues of a transparent soul full of sublime pleasures.

So beautiful words. True words, beauty and virtue can only come from God (Allah).
So beautiful words. True words, beauty and virtue can only come from God (Allah).

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