The forgotten Light of day, waiting for me outside of this cave
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Doctor Gustavo

Doctor Gustavo.

You are one of the most dedicated and honest professionals I have ever met.

You really love your profession.

That's why you work without fear of facing irresponsible people who don't care about the consequences of their irresponsibility.

And for those who deal with people's lives, this is even more serious.

During our meeting at the public hospital in Jabaquara, I’ve realized the drama and struggle that you experience every day. Heroes like you are the ones who support society, in Brazil and anywhere in the world.

I know it's often hard to keep hope where everything seems so unfair.

But don't lose confidence.

A quote from Ghandi's universal wisdom:

“Never lose faith in humanity, for it is like an ocean. Just because there are a few drops of dirty water in it doesn't mean it's completely dirty.”

The real corruption is within society.

Leaders are a mirror of what society as a whole is.

But few can really see what direction the society in which they live is heading.

Healthcare Heroes
Healthcare Heroes

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