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Message to "Centro de Valorização da Vida" (Email to the CVV)

Atualizado: 7 de nov. de 2021

Email to the CVV (August 21, 2021, 2:05 PM)


My name is Daniel. I am 41 years old. The first time I realized the threat of suicide in my life was at age 21, in 2001.

I recognize that at that moment, it was just a thought and a pre-disposition in front of a very difficult life situation.

A pre-disposition that actually and unfortunately is present in every human being, potentially.

I would like to help people who are going through this and feeling this threat in their lives. Through my experience and my knowledge. Inspiring understanding and hope.

But also showing how hard this situation is: human suffering, especially that which I know and have already experienced.

I created a blog a few days ago where I write about it. When I write about my experiences, I try to convey the emotional weight I feel in this type of situation.

Sometimes I use shocking language to show the emotional burden I feel in this kind of situation.

I write about other subjects, with the main objective of getting to know myself better and finding my place in the world (very useful to get rid of this threat).

The link to my blog is:

The best way to overcome a situation like this is to help and learn from those who are in the same situation.

In my posts, I use more indirect and impersonal language, when I write from my own experiences, to inspire an attitude of impartiality, that is, not to identify with one's own feeling in the face of this situation, despite having a lot of respect for this situation.

An attitude of fearful respect is ideal in the most difficult times. Better weapon against threats of the kind that the suicide temptation is.

I have more written material that has not yet been posted on my website.

Thank you very much for your attention.



Centro de Valorização da Vida - CVV, ComoVaiVocê?,
Centro de Valorização da Vida - CVV, ComoVaiVocê?,

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