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The Visions of Joan of Arc explained: The spiritual dream

The Visions of Joan of Arc


In the vision or spiritual dream the light of the soul has fully illuminated the mind, and the mind is able to create and perceive a clear picture of the past, present and future. One actually sees what is happening at a distance, what has happened in the past, or what is going to take place. It is like a flash. Vision may be described as the language of God which is expressed not only in words but in a picture. That which cannot be audible and that which is not intelligible when audible is produced in a visible form.

There are two different visions, a vision which descends and a vision which ascends. The former is from God; the latter is from man. There are two aspects of the former, vision in voice and in picture. There are two aspects of the latter, the self-created vision and that which comes by response. For instance, a devotee by the fulness of his devotion may create the picture of the savior in his heart, or one who is responsive, in his full response and waiting, may attract the spirit of the savior. In both cases the benefit and blessing are the same, for it is not man who creates, even if it where creation by man. God alone is the Creator, and He creates whenever anything is created, as God and also as man.

A vision may be of anything. It may be a condition of the past, present, or future seen as if produced on a stage. It can bring an appearance of a saint, sage, or master, living or on the other side. It can show symbols which tell something about one's life in different forms and colors. It can come as sound, as words, as a song, as poetry, as a written letter, or as a fragrance.

Every unseen form that man sees in a vision, be it of a spirit, fairy, or angel, or of a teacher, sage or saint, is according to his evolution. As highly evolved a person is, so high is his vision. Sometimes he attracts the object of his vision, sometimes the object of the vision wishes to manifest to him, and sometimes he creates he creates the object of his vision before him.

The goodness of the vision depends upon the greatness of the object. In an astral vision, a relation or a friend may appear to a person and tell him something about the other side of life. Before another a sage or saint may appear, who may guide him still further. To another an angel may appear, as Gabriel did to Moses, and may give him the message of God.

The tradiions of the world and mostly based upon visions. The vision of Valmiki brought Rama, the great king and prophet of the Hindus. Solomon, Jamshyd, Joseph, even Abraham, the father of religions, were known and accepted as prophets by reason of their visions. The foundation of the life of Jesus Christ was the vision of the Virgin Mary. The beggining of the prophethood of Muhammad was the vision of Amina, his mother. The Qur'an contains laws and morals , and if mysticism and philosophy can be traced in it, they are in the miraj, the vision of the Prophet. In the Bible the most interesting part to a mystic is the Revelations, where there is a vision.

Spiritual Dimensions of Psychology, Hazrat Inayat Khan, pg. 217. Ebook Version.

Joan of Arc (TV miniseries)

Joan of Arc is a 1999 Canadian two-part television miniseries about the 15th-century Catholic saint of the same name.

The miniseries stars Leelee Sobieski as Saint Joan.

A joint production of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Alliance Atlantis Communications, it was shown internationally in 1999.

Scene 1: "Never Say That to a Psychiatrist"

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